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Secret Identity is a branding agency building user-focused brands and experiences for fandoms. We put users first and craft solutions to facilitate joy!

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Secret Identity uses design as a tool to facilitate joy. We love type, color, form, and function and use them to make games, comics, shows, and more accessible to fans of any genre. If you have a project needing design love, we’d love to hear from you!

Design Behind The Mask


Fictional Brands. Real Design.

That’s the mantra of Secret Identity’s flagship show, Design Behind The Mask. An in-depth look at graphic design in fandoms.

We discuss the importance of typography in video games, how color theory informs superhero costumes, and much more. Subscribe with the links below, tell a friend, and join in the conversation!


Design Behind The Mask: DC Superhero Logos

Design Behind The Mask: DC Superhero Logos

This episode of Design Behind Mask covers the simple beauty and function of the DC COmics Superhero pantheon. When you talk about good logo design, the identity in question has to cover three things. It must be Appropriate, Distinctive, and Simple. The iconic brands...

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