We are the Design Behind The Mask. Every brand has a secret identity. A unique essence that makes a brand stand out from the crowd and resonates with its audience. We help brands reveal their true identity through our award-winning graphic design, branding, and user experience work.

We’re not just about creating beautiful brands. We’re also about creating effective experiences. Data and insights drive our work, so we can ensure that your brand reaches the right people and deeply resonates with them.

If you’re looking for a design agency to help you create a unique and effective brand, then Secret Identity is the agency for you. We’ll help you reveal your brand’s true identity and become an icon.

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Branding Design

We love logos. We adore design systems. We brake for unique typographic wordmarks. We pour our 20+ years of brand design experience into every endeavor, delivering scalable, versatile brand designs every time.

Does your project need brand services? Let’s work together to solve your design problems.

Web / Mobile App Design & Development

You have to have a website. You definitely need a mobile app. We can help get those off the ground. Not sure what your web app needs? We can help there too. We craft web app and mobile app designs with a strong UX/UI focus and offer tech stack suggestions. Heck, we can just build the damn things for ya!

Does your project need web or mobile app services? Let’s work together to solve your design problems.