Comic Book Cover Design Challenge: Harken

Harken, meaning to listen, is the Comic Book Cover Design Challenge. An ancient civilization calls to the Chosen, but for what purpose?

For this Comic Book Cover Design Challenge, we used the word “Harken”, meaning to listen, as the basis for our sci-fi comic book cover.

The Harken logo is created using a beautiful poster typeface named Bulevar by Atipo Type Foundry.

Comic Book Cover Design Challenge: Harken pitch

Harken – Comic Book Design Challenge

The Old Ones call out. Will you heed? Relics of a long-gone civilization suddenly activate across Holis. A siren song reverberates from the monoliths, beckoning the Chosen to them. The eerie glow of each totem’s “Eye” pulses and entices. Those who harken to the towering relics vanish without a trace. An old adventurer embarks on a journey to find their Chosen children and uncover the mysteries of the living monuments.

Art by Tithi Luadthong Shutterstock profile