Judge a book by its cover art

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“Don’t judge a book by its cover” is an adage meaning you should not make snap judgments based on appearance or some preexisting bias.

That doesn’t count for books. 100% judge a book by its cover. Comic books, especially. Well-designed and illustrated comic book covers are the fastest way to tell whether or not you will enjoy the comic’s artistic style. That wasn’t always the case. As a kid, I owned many comics with great covers and nothing but nonsense on the inside.

That has dramatically changed today; comic trades and graphic novels have closed the gap in the quality of art on the cover and inside. One example that springs to mind are the graphic series “The Fix” by Nick Spencer and artist Steve Lieber. Do you want some engaging trade covers? Check out some from “The Fix”.

Go ahead and judge a book by its cover. The Fix – Image Comics

I was completely drawn in by the cover designs of the series. Turns out, the story is pretty damn good too. I’ve recently done a lot of comic book shopping based on the covers alone. I will say it’s not the be-all, end-all way to find a comic, but it’s a tactic that has worked for me. “Motor Crush” and “DIE” are two other examples of comics with captivating covers and stories. I am still waiting for Moto Crush Volume 3.

I also realize I just named a ton of Image Comics properties. That was not intentional, but pretty telling, don’t you think?

Everyone has a different style of art that attracts them, so go on and judge the covers and pick the books you think to look amazing. They might surprise you. What comic book covers grabbed your attention and got you hooked? Comment below or drop us a line on Twitter or Instagram. You can also reach us via the contact page.


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