Dredge Review

Dredge Review

Welcome to Pause Menu. Video Game reviews from a full-time adult. Find out about Dredge and how long I could play before pausing.

Pause Menu?

I am a full-time adult with a strange video game addiction. I purchase games at full price and never play them. Not because I don’t want to, but more because I have no time or energy. I have slipped from being an active gamer to a video game collector. My digital library is stuffed with AAA games, indie classics, and retro masterpieces that I know are good but can’t say for sure.

Pause Menu is my attempt at playing and chronicling my experiences as a full-time adult gamer. The catch? I will always be interrupted, either by family, or the sweet embrace of slumber, and inevitably have to pause the game.

So every review will have a breakdown of when I had to pause, why, and if I even finished the game (usually a big fat no). I will even give you a nice breakdown of the actual pause menu, its design, usability, and whether or not it actually pauses the game.

So welcome to Pause Menu. Let’s pretend we are gamers together.