Alpha Male

by | Sep 21, 2022

A Brand strategy and logo design for the Control Nash Turner a.k.a "Alpha Male." Influencer, internet sensation, and trailblazer.

Nash is an internet sensation and self-made superhero. Using the crowdfunding web app Paysayer, Nash has turned his altruism into a thriving business. Turner has grossed over $300k (U.S.). He puts the money to good use, helping victims and funding repairs to his custom suit. His outfit is an homage to retro comic book heroes like Nomad and Forgotten Orphan. His fame has skyrocketed from a fledgling internet sensation to a legitimate superstar. His fame caused several of his “nemesis” to don costumes in hopes of capitalizing on their association with him.

Alpha Male Control

Nash Turner’s Control manifests as hyper-dense muscle fibers and bone structure. It allows him to leap long distances and bounce off surfaces without injury. He is as close to an evolved athlete as you can get. His metabolism and cell replication are also extremely high, leading to high caloric burn and an accelerated healing factor. 

Nash tapped his Paysayer online community to help develop his hero name. After a lengthy debate, they chose Alpha Male. During our discovery discussions, he made it clear he wasn’t the biggest fan of the name, but it stuck. We saw potential in a logo that honors heroes of the past but remained minimalist and modern.

Secret Identity designed his branding, costume, and Paysayer profile and messaging.

Alpha Male Costume Tag on his custom made costume
Alpha Male Wordmark
Alpha Male Wordmark