FATE: DC Trading Cards

by | Feb 1, 2023

Our Fate DC Trading Cards has become a loving design exercise in trading card design and comic book lore creation.

The Secret Identity DC Trading Cards

What started as a design exercise became a love letter to DC Comics and its pantheon of amazing characters. DC Fate is our “What If” collectible card game featuring iconic DC characters. 


Each card features a different hero or villain categorized by their abilities in-game. There are Technicians (blue icons), Powerhouses (red icons), and Mystics (yellow icons). While the game mechanics are still in flux, we wanted to ensure each card had a base classification to demonstrate the raw potential of a DC Comics trading card game.

The backstory of DC Fate

The multiverse’s strongest beings have been captured. The Spectre has passed judgment upon them, plotting to use their power to free him from his human prison. His ascension to true godhood is assured.

Dr. Fate springs to action and recruits heroes and villains across the multiverse to help locate and release the captured superpowers. The magical halls of the Tower of Fate offer passage to the various magical realms in which they are held prisoner.

With his team in tow, Dr. Fate assaults his home, traversing the now-deadly caverns of the Tower to rescue the captors and stave off oblivion!

Recruit new heroes and villains, help Dr. Fate combat The Spectre’s Bizarro minions, and rescue the multiverse’s most powerful beings.

Our Fate rests with you.