Paysayer is a investing app for people looking to make creators dreams come true, and of course, a hefty ROI.

Paysayer is an app that hopes to connect burgeoning ventures with capital-ready investors known as “Paysayers”. Secret Identity was tasked with not only branding the company, but coming up with a new brand name. Originally titled “Beggr”, Paysayer needed a name they could own, and was slightly more positive when referring to their members.

Paysayer is derived from the word “naysayer”, meaning to object to. We turned the negative into a positive and created a definition for the term.

“a person who funds, subscribes to, or invests in something.”


Paysayer’s are the investors ready to get an idea off the ground. Creators are also a part of the experience (or else who would the Paysayers support). Still, we felt targeting the potential investors would benefit both sets of users more than creating a creator-focused brand. The brand itself is a modified “P,” folded like paper, echoing the platform’s cheeky tagline “Support That Folds.”

Today, Paysayer is home to over 25 thousand ventures for Paysayer’s to invest in. A popular venture, Alpha Male, is also a client of Secret Identity.

Paysayer landing
Paysayer App Icon
Paysayer Branding and Landing (That rhymed!)