Star Wars Outlaws Typography Mystery Solved!

by | Aug 3, 2023

The Star Wars Outlaws Typography mystery no one but me was investigating is now solved! Find out what this "ITC Sans Serif" type really is.

Ubisoft unveiled Star Wars Outlaws gameplay during their not-E3 conference, Ubisoft Forward. During the 10-minute demo, I was less interested in the game and more in the typography. We covered the prevalence of ITC Serif Gothic in the Star Wars universe before, and I was looking for any sign of the perennial typeface in the menus or overlays. I was surprised to find no sign of the famous typeface. In its place was what I could only categorize as “ITC Sans Serif Gothic.” It looked like the type but without all the edgy, sharp, pointy bits on the ends (all legitimate typographic terminology, by the way).

This sent my subconscious mind on a quest to find that mystery typeface. Every day, a tiny part of my brain was concerned with the font. I finally decided to do some sleuthing, and I think I uncovered the culprit. Say hello to Loadstone Pro by Red Rooster Collection.

A Star Wars Outlaws Mystery Solved

I don’t think Ubisoft used Loadstone right out of the box. There are definitely letterforms the game presents that don’t quite match Loadstone. For instance, the “R” is a bit more rounded and not as compressed as the Loadstone version.

Star Wars Outlaw R overlaid on Loadstone.

Overall, Outlaw’s typeface is a little wider, and its spacing is a tad tighter than Loadstone’s. It feels more like Avant Garde Gothic than ITC Serif Gothic. Here are some examples of the type treatments side-by-side.

The Broker treatment in both typefaces – Star Wars Outlaws
Akiva Orbit never looked this good – Star Wars Outlaws

The Wrap-up

I believe this is the type foundation for the display type in Star Wars Outlaws. I don’t know for sure, but I would love confirmation. If you work for Ubisoft on the Star Wars Outlaws team and can tell me the answer, please drop me a line! I am dying to know. In the meantime, I will pick up Loadstone as a companion to ITC Serif Gothic. Support great type!

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